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Leadership That Listens

Why did I choose this as the theme for my campaign?

I have used this statement in every election I have been a candidate in because I believe It is truly the only “campaign promise” any candidate can make and keep!

Would I like to tell you I will be part of an administration that creates hundreds or possibly even thousands of jobs? Sure, I would and we are working diligently on that.

Do I wish I could say I can guarantee we will not raise taxes yet will add more quality of life amenities while maintaining and upgrading our infrastructure? Absolutely!

But the fact is, there are so many variables that go into each decision made by the commission, I cannot possibly know what the future holds.

As promised before, I will do my best to continue to listen and work hard to make our community the very best.


My Promise To You

Below are my promises to you, the citizens of the city of Paducah, Kentucky.  These are not merely “Campaign Promises”.  There are the things that I pledge if you select me for the Paducah City Commission.

I Will Listen

I can promise to listen to each constituent, listen to every piece of legislation proposed and continue to listen in every aspect to gain knowledge for the decisions we as a City Commission will make.

Due Diligence

I can promise I will do my due diligence regarding the decisions that come before the commission.


I can promise you I will do my absolute best to make this community, our home, as wonderful and prosperous as it can be.

I can assure you these are “Campaign Promises” that I am confident I can keep.  I would appreciate your support in the 2022 Paducah City Commission election.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or suggestions you have –  I look forward to hearing from you!

Leadership that listens!

Carol Gault

About Carol Gault

I’ve had the honor of serving the city of Paducah before, but please let me reintroduce myself. I was raised in Mayfield, Kentucky and graduated from Mayfield High School in 1987.   Upon graduation, I entered Murray State University and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. After receiving my degree, I enjoyed the opportunity to work for the Head Start Program.  After just a couple of years I met and married my late husband, E. Spivey Gault in 1994. We moved to Paducah and our city has been my home ever since.

I first ran for Commission in 2008 and served four consecutive terms.  I chose to step away from serving the city in 2016 for two reasons.  I had the desire to spend as much time as I could with Spivey during his illness and because I have a strong belief in term limits. Prior to my first bid for a Commission Seat, I  worked to try to advance the city as the manager of the Downtown Main Street Program. That role both increased my interest in running and prepared me in a number of ways to serve as a city commissioner that very first time. Even before my work at Main Street, I was exposed to issues related to the growth of our city while working in group sales at the McCracken County convention and visitor’s bureau. My background is not just one of talking about the needs of business in the city, I have been in business and am currently a principal in G Squared Development today. I am very aware of both the needs of business and how the city can position itself to create a more vibrant business environment.

Today, I continue serving our community on various boards as I also work in property development. My continued work on the city commission has allowed me to build on my prior experience and ongoing passion to improve our city. I would like to see issues such as E-911 and Southside development maintain top priority as we create sustainable programs for growth in both areas. However, these things take time and commitment. And, I need your help to get them accomplished.

My goals for Paducah are simple. Like most of you, I want our residents to enjoy a good life and be able to provide for our families. I want to live in a safe, beautiful community where we know our neighbors and create special memories with family and friends. I want our community to prosper through a strong economy and enjoy all the benefits that follow.  And most importantly, I believe if we focus on a core set of priorities such as those now listed as the commission’s top priorities, together we can achieve those goals for ourselves, our children and generations to come.


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